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Joyce Murray’s Stand on Off Shore Drilling

More about the BP Oil Gush.

This is the email I received from my Member of Parliament, Joyce Murray after contacting her re: Offshore Drilling in Canada:
I am recording this here in case the Liberals ever get back in power (I would like that), so that we can hold them to their word. I do have friends who know this MP and they tell me she is quite sincere, which is a good thing in a politician!

To Ms. Burtinshaw,

Thank you for writing to me about the urgent need for a ban on crude oil tankers along BC’s Pacific North Coast waterways. I share your concern about the vulnerability of our coasts and ocean if the moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic is lifted by the Conservative government, and am happy to report that on Monday, the 21st of June, Michael Ignatieff has announced formalization of the existing BC crude oil tanker moratorium.

In May, I traveled to New Orleans to see firsthand the ecological tragedy currently unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. The world has now seen how vulnerable our coasts and oceans are to offshore oil spills. Seeing the risk to BC ‘s marine ecosystems, I have been actively campaigning in the House of Commons for Stephen Harper’s Conservative government to respect the moratorium banning oil tanker traffic from B.C’s Pacific north coast, instituted in 1972 by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The Conservative party refuses to give a clear answer on whether they will help prevent another environmental and economic catastrophe by keeping this moratorium in place. Please visit my website, www. joycemurray.liberal.ca, to see transcripts and video clips of the action I have taken in Parliament.

I will continue to be a dedicated and passionate defender of B.C.’s coastlines, and will fight for effective government leadership on this very important issue.


Joyce Murray

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