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Deepwater Horizon Spew Update/Where to Report Bird Sightings

Please, with time passing and everything going on in the world, don’t forget about the oil spill. There is still lots you can do to help. Check for your updates here….

Nearly 70 days since the Deepwater Horizon sank, oil continues to spew into the Gulf of Mexico. This week it reached Pensacola, Florida, prompting beach closures and as this update is drafted, there are concerns that a weather disturbance south of Cuba may develop into a tropical storm in the Gulf where it could delay response efforts and spread the oil further. Impacts on birds, other wildlife and coastal communities continue to grow.

Gulf Volunteers in Action

Audubon volunteers continued to play a vital role in the response effort this week, supporting the U.S. and state Fish and Wildlife Service bird rescue and rehabilitation work in a myriad of ways, from assisting in the transport of oiled birds to rehabilitation facilities to building and cleaning cages and constructing retaining fences to house cleaned birds, to helping process daily wildlife reports in Mobile, Alabama.

Others took part in the Audubon’s Coastal Bird Survey, providing information about bird populations that will be essential to assess the spill’s impacts and plan for the recovery. Volunteers on beach The citizen science initiative is now underway in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. We’ve trained hundreds of volunteers to help and this effort will continue for quite some time along the coast.

Even birders who are not in the coastal states can help by registering bird sightings at ebird.org. We’re putting together a list of the top 25 birds we need to keep an eye on; look for that in next week’s update.

To report injured or dead wildlife in the impact area call:  1‐866‐557‐1401

Donate Supplies: Here are two organizations that are taking specific items. We suggest you check first to be sure they still are accepting the supplies you are collecting.

Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Volunteer program
Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Resources

How to Donate: Your support will help fund Audubon’s work to aid birds already suffering the oil’s deadly effects and to protect now-unharmed wildlife and habitat in the path of the spill, our work to support sound public policy, and to meet the long-term challenge of restoring a devastated Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.

Bird Impacts: To report oiled birds, call the hotline at 866-557-1401. If you don’t reach a live person, messages are checked every hour.

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