Off to Berlin

One of our best friends is getting married in two days – in Berlin! We are flying there tonight and I am really excited. I’ve never been to Germany – not really unless you count skipping across the border on a Moped for a few hours an eon ago. We will only be on the ground for four days, but with two travel days, it’s basically a six day trip.

It will be a break from cooking and stuff, but I plan to leave a full fridge so I return home to happy campers, instead of hungry maniacs!!

Of course, I will take my computer but just for work and blogging – I am going to take a full-on writing break – something I don’t often do – at least not purposefully, but when I do, the results are usually good. It’s a time to reflect and let ideas come to me.

My next book, originally planned for the fall has been delayed until January, so that means I have time to really get my teeth into another novel. The problem is – and it’s a good one – I’ve got too many ideas and I need to narrow it down to only one. That is what I will be thinking about on my trip.

I hope to take loads of great photos to post. It’s really hot in Germany – on the website I looked at, it said 90 degrees F!! Which is like, 32 C…and that is heat, like I am not used to.

More later…

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