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Most Important Decision of the Day

Optimal Swim Time Today

What time is the very best time to go the beach today for a swim? That’s my most pressing question…on this hot day!

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Blogger Versus WordPress

Part of my daily writing and editing involves social networking and blogging. I try to blog at a minimum of every second day, and because I have two blogs at the moment, I like to be as efficient and quick as possible. When I started my second blog last month, I decided on blogger.com because it doesn’t hurt to understand both platforms and to become proficient in using both platforms.

While, it’s been almost two months and I think that is enough time to form an opinion. WordPress wins hands down. I find blogger really time consuming and I don’t like the limited ‘gadgets’ available. Today, I tried to add some share functions and got so frustrated that I finally gave up. The theme choice is very limited in comparison, and would it be that hard for the creators to add a blog stats button?

I’ve talked to lots of my friends about this, and all agree that wordpress is much more user-friendly, but I don’t understand why blogger can’t also be designed to make blogging easier, not more challenging.

That’s my baby rant of the day…

How do I fix this?????

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