Blogger Versus WordPress

Part of my daily writing and editing involves social networking and blogging. I try to blog at a minimum of every second day, and because I have two blogs at the moment, I like to be as efficient and quick as possible. When I started my second blog last month, I decided on because it doesn’t hurt to understand both platforms and to become proficient in using both platforms.

While, it’s been almost two months and I think that is enough time to form an opinion. WordPress wins hands down. I find blogger really time consuming and I don’t like the limited ‘gadgets’ available. Today, I tried to add some share functions and got so frustrated that I finally gave up. The theme choice is very limited in comparison, and would it be that hard for the creators to add a blog stats button?

I’ve talked to lots of my friends about this, and all agree that wordpress is much more user-friendly, but I don’t understand why blogger can’t also be designed to make blogging easier, not more challenging.

That’s my baby rant of the day…

How do I fix this?????

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An AdSense account does not exist for this login, as it is associated with an unapproved application. For more information about your application, please review the message we sent to the email address you provided with your application.


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4 responses to “Blogger Versus WordPress

  1. Great post! I chose blogger for one simple reason: it belongs to google, but I like wordpress too because it has cooler templates.

  2. I started with Blogger and have tried to warm up to WordPress. I first tried a couple of years ago and really didn’t think much of it, other than it did look pretty.

    I’m now trying again and applying myself more diligently to learning WP.

    I’m very comfortable with Blogger because I’ve used it so much but I want to have my work on a website that I control, not one that Google could one day freeze me out of.

    So, I’m wading through the incomprehensible documentation of Thesis theme (bought a license to use the Theme because it looks good). The good thing is that there are lots of users who post unofficial documentation and it’s very helpful. Some of the official documentation is great, some is only written by techies for techies.

    Bottom line: ownership is the final deciding factor and so I’m going with WP on a commercial hosting service with a domain name I own.

    But Blogger is easy and the new themes are fun to play with.

  3. Julie

    So, I guess in a way it is about what we are most used to…one of the problems I’ve had on blogger is closing an old adsense account and opening a new one. The old account is one I set up for a friend, so I don’t and can’t totally delete it, which seems to be what blogger wants me to do. There is no contact us email, just a forum. Anyway, I’ve taken some new steps in that direction and will see what happens.
    Thanks for your comments,

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