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Westjet: Let’s Talk About Those Made-in-China Airplanes

I flew into Montreal last week in the middle of a fierce lightening storm (July 21, 2010) ETA 11:31. We sat on the runway for a bit before going to the gate because of lightening strikes on the north end of the runway, so we actually got to the gate and off the plane just after midnight.

Once again, because of lightening, the baggage handlers were unable to unload bags so we hung at the carousel for another couple of hours before it was safe enough to deplane the baggage.

All of this is good. As a passenger, I appreciate safety rules and regs, be it at security, in the air, on the runway, at the gate or at the baggage carousels.

What I didn’t appreciate was that approximately an hour into our wait, the Westjet employee announced that “We still don’t have your bags, but we do have inflatable Westjet air planes and stickers for all the kids. Cool! The kids loved it.

So did I until I saw the big “Made in China” embossed on the little kid’s plastic air planes. I mean, come on. We all need to fly around, but we also try to engage in carbon offsets and strive to do our best to keep our environment up to snuff.

Say No to Plastic

Plastic inflatable planes from China don’t cut it. Buy Canadian made kid’s toys. Give out less. The Chinese don’t give a damn about the planet and until they do, we shouldn’t be supporting them. It’s bad enough that they make the best jeans…

I would have preferred that someone offer to pay for our parking – which had ramped up to almost $20 by the time we pulled out of Pierre Trudeau just hours before dawn.

Forget the little toy planes –it sends a bad message and doesn’t help the situation at all.


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