ebird.org: Record Bird Sightings Wherever You Live

Visit ebird.org to learn how to observe, record and submit your observations about birds. According to Audubon, whether you are new to birding or an expert, “everyone can help with Gulf restoration efforts by recording bird sightings and adding to the body of information we have about breeding, migration and other bird data to help Audubon scientists and others with recovery plans. Knowing how the spill is affecting bird populations is critical to how we ensure their ultimate recovery from the disaster. Even data from outside the Mississippi River corridor is useful, so whether you are on the East coast, the West coast or somewhere in between, your citizen science efforts are important.”

As a Canadian, I wonder how many of our birds will return next year. Also, as a Canadian, I am deeply concerned about the Enbridge oil spill in Michigan.

Last week, a young girl I know asked me if I really thought we could make a difference in the world. After all, she said, we are only two people. We were on our bikes coming home from an afternoon at the beach. It was hot and a long slog up the hill – one of those times when a car seemed so quick and inviting. I understood her question though and her frustration too.

“Look at it this way. We are only two people, but if each get one of our friends to choose bikes over cars and they do the same thing, we can start to make a difference.”

It’s summer. I challenge all of you to try to leave your car in your driveway – even if for only one or two days per week. It’s only when you start believing you can make a difference that you do – the banning plastic bags campaign is a great example of this.


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