Burnco Rock Products and Gambier Island – Gravel Pit Rumours?

Although I’d wanted to stick to BP as the environmental aspect of this blog, I can’t help but to be concerned about rumours of a gravel pit proposal in my own Pacific Ocean back yard. I know lots of families on Gambier Island and they have talked to me about the possibility of Burnco Rock Products developing a gravel pit at McNab Creek!

Apparently, the aggregate would be processed on Gambier and then shipped across Howe Sound to Burnaby – sounds like an environmental disaster on all sides. Neither of these things happen without huge infrastructure as anyone who has seen a pit in operation knows.

I saw no mention of this product when I checked out their website, so either it is not announced or just rumours, and let’s hope it is the latter.

If anyone has any information on this, send me an email (annon) and I will continue to post about this project.




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3 responses to “Burnco Rock Products and Gambier Island – Gravel Pit Rumours?

  1. Allen Stevenson

    Hi Julie

    I saw your post regarding Burnco. I thought you might like to read this article in the Sunshine Coast Reporter regarding the issue. It doesn’t mention Gambier but it should give you some more info. Keep an eye on the Coast Reporter’s website for updates.



  2. Jim Dermody

    Hi, my wife and I live in Alberta in the North Saskatchewan River Valley where BURNCO own apprx. 750 acres which they have slated for a 50 year development. However they own the land under the name Tricycle Lane Ranches. This seems to be their property acquisition arm. My guess is they find it easier to buy land under this name and it also gives the seller some level of dependability with the community. The name pops up in ownership records all over Alberta. So look for numbered companies or other names they may be operating under.

    Cheers and good luck

  3. matt arnold

    I have been a seasonal resident of mcnab creek since 1991. The gravel pit preposal by Burnco is very unfortunate because it seems like howe sound is finally starting to heal and the increased tugboat traffic and potential 24hr gravel crushing is going to be a nightmare for all of us who love living there. As far as I know Burnco is going to be doing the processing onsite and have a giant coveyor belt that transports the gravel to deep sea barges in the Mcnab Creek estuary.

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