Facebook Experiment: Half-Way Through

It’s August 14th today and I’ve been off Facebook for half the month, another 16 days to go. How has it been? Wonderful! Refreshing! I have way more time on my hands to actually talk to people or even, my God, see them in person!

I know my blog posts do an automatic update to Twitter and FB, but in this, as Jill so aptly called it, “No Electrons Month” I am not counting auto updates.

I did visit Facebook last night but I had a purpose. I made the decision to tweak my friend list, removing people based on the following criteria:

    I don’t recognize the name of the ‘friend’ at all
    The ‘friend’ is not a professional contact, nor a personal contact, just someone I met once and added to FB because I’d had too much wine
    The ‘friend’ is someone I never talk to and haven’t seen in years even though we live in the same city/neighbourhood, or maybe we don’t because one of us have moved and the other missed the status update
    Overuse of ‘Like’ button – brutal I know, but I think if we get a ‘Like’ button, we should get a button expounding the opposite viewpoint
    The ‘friend’ announces a major event in their life with a status change: ie: “Divorced, married, had a baby, got engaged, sex change, deceased, found God, won the lottery, in jail…Give me a break – Pick up the phone or at the very least email
    The ‘friend’ starts posting weird photos of herself/himself that I don’t really care to be associated with
    The ‘friend’ is actually somebody too polite to ‘de-friend’ me, even though our relationship has suffered a mortal blow eons ago – someone has to take the initiative
    The ‘friend’ persists in demanding I spend more time in my “Lil’ Patch” and less time in my real garden. Okay, apartment dwellers, I get it, but I have real trees and real flowers and I suck at veggie gardening.

Anyway, this list is not conclusive, and as I write it, I realize it sounds quite bitchy, and I apologize for that. I guess I am suffering from FB Burnout and I miss, as Tim McGraw so aptly put it: "Back When

So what, if this is very very not cool. Neither am I and those of you who actually are my real life friends, not Second life, not FB, not Twitter, not Youtube, already know this.

And by the way, I won’t be adding my location to my phone – let’s do it the old fashion way – call me or even text, or there is always ‘facetime.’ Which is all by way of saying I’m not completely in the dark ages either.



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4 responses to “Facebook Experiment: Half-Way Through

  1. I never did get on the FB bandwagon. Eons ago when it first appeared, one had to provide e-mail passwords in order for FB to get all contacts upon registering. That was way more information than I wanted to provide, so I never went back. (I know it’s since changed.) I always figured that those who knew me also knew how to contact me if need be without the use of FB.

    Anyway, nothing like taking a good step back to re-assess our priorities. Good on ya!

  2. rod

    Your ‘friend’, ‘proofreader’, and perhaps ‘Divorced, married, had a baby, got engaged, sex change, deceased, found God, won the lottery, in jail…Give me a break’.


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