Apply for This Job – I Can’t :(

The other day I opened the paper and found my dream job. It has everything I love:
Social Networking
Environmental Approach
Hardly any Pay (hey – I’m a freelancer so I don’t really ever expect to be rich)
Short term (again, I’m a freelancer and author and like many authors I have a checkered yet fascinating work history and a short attention span).

I went straight away to the website to begin the application process, and quickly discovered that in spite of the fact that I am one of the six people perfectly qualified for the job, I am already out because I AM TOO OLD.

Heartbreak. Am I that old? Well, I am not between the ages of 18 and 40, so I guess I am. Even though I look and act like a kid (I think). My son said, “After 40 people just can’t pass for 35, no matter what.”

I’m almost dead, I thought. I am dead because I can’t get my dream job. Upon recovery, I thought I would post it here so that one of my younger and talented friends could get the job and then bring me over for the ‘family visit.’ It was either that or spend time on money on buying a fake passport and birth certificate.

So here it is:

Project Panda and the World Wildlife Foundation seeks Pambassador.

“A Chinese Panda Centre is looking for six people to look after the endangered animals as part of an awareness and conservation campaign. Chengdu Panda Base aims to give six winners of a global contest a month-long chance to study panda behaviour and provide hands-on help.”

OLD people need not apply even if they can write, work for a huge online magazine, get social networking, blog for birds and others hurt by the BP Oil spill, give to WWF and want to write a book about the project for teens.

I hope you get the job, because it does sound amazing and will make a difference to our world.

It’s nearly 6pm – time for nap, remove dentures, pablum, depends and bed…Goodnight.


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