Jen is Married: Back to Work and Life

For the second time today, I’ve hit some random combination of buttons on my computer and lost my whole post. It happened on my other blog earlier and now on this one, half way through a really good post…so frustrating…

Anyway, sweet Jen is married and on her honeymoon and it is time for me to get back to life and work. I’ve got tons to do:
Edit a book (for someone else)
Edit a book (for me)
Write a book (start now, no time like the present)
Suite101 (always love this)
Eavesdrop more (important for writers)
Play more (Got tickets to The Wall in Vancouver)
Prep for writer’s festival in Val David
Blog on blogs
Maybe return to FB
And a thousand other things…

This is the writer’s life. We work at home and that means we are interrupted. Those new to this, need to get used to it, those seasoned probably need a holiday. Which is why I’m going to finish invigilating exams next week and then run to Whistler to walk, swim, write and get away from it all – that will be my office for a few days and I’m pretty happy about that!

Sometimes it is really important to get away in order to centre oneself. Don’t fight it, just do it 🙂


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  1. Christine

    Your daughter is beautiful. What a special day for the two of you. I remember the day my daughter got married & how her life flashed through my eyes. They grow up so fast. Congratulations. Enjoy your time in Whistler.

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