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Red Cedar Awards 2010/2011

The leaves are falling, dusk is arriving earlier and Halloween is only weeks away, which means, it’s almost Red Cedar Awards time again. Pretty soon information of how you can participate will be up on their website, so keep checking back.

This year I am thrilled to have been chosen as one of the readers/judges for the Red Cedar Awards – as I blog, I am looking at a rather large box of books, but I’ve got until April to get through them – so I guess I’ll have a really good reason to curl up on the couch and do my favourite thing; bury my nose in a book.

Always keep in mind: Good writers are voracious readers. Reading is isn’t a luxury, it’s part of the job!

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Enjoying some lone time

I am at Whistler watching “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” an old but great movie – quite creepy. It is so seldom that I am alone that it is taking some getting use to. I’m here editing a book for someone, and the edit is going very well – no interruptions. It is lovely and quiet here, so quiet and I am sleeping better than I’ve slept in ages. I have a lot of projects on the go, and this is a chance to finish one so I can really focus on the next.

I have this gorgeous suite overlooking a pool and bordered by trees in the middle of shedding their leaves. I love the shoulder season – hardly any people, no hype, just me and the trees and the mountain air.

I can hardly believe Jen’s wedding is already a few weeks gone…all that planning and back to life. She is happy, Nick is happy, so we are thrilled. Now it’s time to create a book. I’m off to Val David after Thanksgiving for a writer’s festival and looking forward to returning to Quebec and French and really incredible food and friends. So I haven’t had loads of time to post lately, but hope to get back to it – starting now! Ideas brewing…

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