Geist Postcard Story Contest: early bird entry

Deadline January 15, 2011
Early Bird Special: Enter by November 20, 2010, to receive the
Geist 20th Anniversary Collector’s Issue!

The 7th Annual Geist Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest is underway. Here’s your chance to finish that short piece you’ve been thinking about. Find a postcard that inspires you, write a story to accompany the image (prose or verse) and send it to us.

You could win fame, glory and some prize money too! And, if you enter by November 20, 2010, we’ll send you the Geist 20th Anniversary Collector’s issue as part of your subscription.

Here are the details:
Send us a postcard with a story that relates to the image. The connection between image and story can be as subtle as you like, as long as we can figure it out. Contest info and submission details can be found here. Enter by post, or submit your entry online here.

First Prize: $250
Second Prize: $150
Third Prize: $100
Honourable Mentions get swell Geist gifts

Maximum length: 500 words, fiction or non-fiction, prose or verse.
Winning entries will be published in Geist and at
Honourable mentions will be published at
Entry Fee: $20 for the first entry (includes a 1-year sub­scrip­tion), $5 for each addi­tional entry.

When you enter before November 20, 2010, you will recieve the Geist 20th Anniversary Collector’s Issue—guaranteed!


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2 responses to “Geist Postcard Story Contest: early bird entry

  1. Twin Moons of jupiTer

    We slide from one Moon to the oTher
    Like innocenT children
    Like innocenT children
    I say these words to you
    My glare will desTroy whaT you haTe
    I am the Surreal ManTis
    I will NOT let you eaT me
    I am masTer here

  2. Timeless sonneT No.1(CrysTal Ball)

    the crysTal ball beckons me oVer
    she turns ScarleT Red aT Her Dead Muse
    Turning a hue of blue
    It is Dead
    she needed to nurTure Him
    LoVe Him
    Kiss Him and predicT
    good things daily for Him
    she is as clear as shallow
    she genTly asks for my Muse
    I Look her in the eyes and sTare her down
    My Will sTarTs to make her blink
    beauTiful rainbow colours splinTer her Brain
    LoVe Your Muse

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