New Year: It’s 2011

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I haven’t been blogging much – lots going on, but Christmas is over and it’s 2011. James took these pics at Spanish Banks over the holidays and I wanted to post them for all to see.

I went skiing today and it was beautiful on the local mountains – new snow, no people, except for us and my new ski boots caused me no pain at all – bliss.

It’s late. Kitty and I are on the couch watching SVU and I’m planning my next day – which belongs to me – weird, but the first time in so long that it is just me…and James has a great house at UVic…wow! I can sleep in, start a new book, do some editing, sleep in….options – kind of scary – a novelty.

At a loss for New Year’s Resolutions: Just adapt and make it good 🙂


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2 responses to “New Year: It’s 2011

  1. Jennifer

    I love these pictures!!

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