Red Cedar Awards: What Am I Reading?

This year, I am part of the selection committee for the British Columbia Red Cedar Awards, Fiction – a terrific honour, and my living room is full of books – I actually get to read and call it ‘work,’ and nobody can question what I am doing!

As great as ebooks are, I have to say that the feel, smell and touch of a brand new book cannot be surpassed. So far, I’ve read some terrific books for kids from grades four to seven, and in April, when we somehow decide on the final fifteen, I can guarantee a summer reading list that will ”blow your socks off.” I kind of like that expression – it came to me from out of nowhere!

I have also been chosen one of the judges for the Illinois Women’s Press Association (IWPA) – The IWPA has the annual contest to provide an opportunity for communicators across the state to gain recognition for their work as published journalists, book authors, photographers, as well as in advertising, among various categories. The IWPA is the oldest state affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women., along with:

Jennifer Brown Banks
Ashley Mouldon
DeAnna McCleary
David Berner
Joe Nowak
Sylvia Alston

Pretty soon, 30 essays or more should start arriving via snail mail!

And for my Bookclub this month, we are reading: Peter Carey’s Parrot and Olivier in America – have to have this read by next weekend. So in answer to, “What am I reading?” Everything.

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