Damn, I can’t go to Costa Rica, but I love that I was invited!

Remember last year when I was so pleased to have my essay included in a book with my hero, Obama? Still can’t believe it and then I got this email – I can’t go to Costa Rica, but it made feel so good about being a writer and making a difference – they even offered to pay my registration fees, but I don’t want to go alone and nobody I know has an extra three or four thousand dollars…

Dear Julie,

As you may recall, I am the editor of How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth. Again I wish to express my thanks to you for contributing to this ground-breaking work.

I would like to invite you to consider joining me in a seminar that I will attend, “Conquer the Invisible in Costa Rica.”

One of your fellow authors, Martin Rutte, and another dedicated person, Barry Braun, will be leading this fascinating endeavour from March 2nd to March 7th.

On March 2nd to 7th, 2011, accomplished professionals from across North America will be meeting in Costa Rica to explore two vital questions:

1. How can I make a profound difference in the world?
2. How can my career be even more successful while I make that difference?

The world needs accomplished professionals to make a difference.

I would love to have you join Martin Rutte and Barry Braun in Costa Rica so that you:

– See clearly how you can a more meaningful and profound difference
– Attract and inspire others around you to make that difference
– Be supported by a Mastermind group of accomplished professionals while you make that difference

This is about real results. You have spent years developing your professional skills, taking care of family and building your career. You probably spend over 2000 hours a year. Why can’t that time, knowledge and skill make more of a difference for our world as well? Why can’t your business or career make a truly profound and meaningful difference while you enjoy greater success?

In Costa Rica, you will discover a deeper truth about yourself and about how you can satisfy that deep itch to make a real difference in profound, meaningful ways. Join other accomplished people – people like Doug, a consultant and coach to Fortune 500 CEOs; Kwon, a neuroscientist, Julie, an executive for social responsibility, Rick and Linda, owners of a financial services agency, the president of a retail sporting goods company. Discover what is really possible at http://www.conquertheinvisible.com/wp/create-a-profound-difference

Let’s put our minds and hearts together and make our lives count! Join us!


John E. Wade II

Book: How to Achieve Heaven on Earth
Charity: http://soldiersoflove.org/


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7 responses to “Damn, I can’t go to Costa Rica, but I love that I was invited!

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  2. Hi Julie:

    I love your spirit. I am the organizer and leader of the workshop retreat in Costa Rica where we are Creating a Profound Difference.

    Perhaps you could share with me – if you could make a Profound difference for our world or in the words of Martin Rutte, a co-contributor to John’s fantastic book – How to Create Heaven on Earth – if you could wave a magic wand and co-create Heaven on Earth, what would that difference be like?

    I would love to carry your response forward to the other people who will be in Costa Rica.

    Thank you for sharing this with your world.
    Barry Braun

  3. A Second Thought:

    Julie, if any of your readers would like to take advantage of John’s offer, they could make application through me and I will pass them along to John. There are only two spots left under this generous offer.

    They can contact me at barry@conquertheinvisible.com.
    Barry Braun

  4. Sometimes you just have to put it out to the universe…

  5. julie

    I’m going!! No time to write about it now, but I will and thank you!!! Best thing about today, besides this are the whales playing in the ocean just beyond the shoreline.

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