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Cavalia: Horse Lover’s Delight

Last week we went to see Cavalia, directed by Éric Villeneuve. It was a spectacular show, even more so for horse-lovers, but one of our party had never been near a horse in her life, and was transfixed by the acrobats, riders and music.

Jennifer at intermission

Our tickets included a tour of the stables, possibly the highlight of the whole evening. Did you know that there are nineteen stallions in the show and the rest of the horses are geldings – everything from the wiry and strong little mustangs to the colourful paint and the majestic Arabians.

The Paint – Colours

We are so lucky to have this show under the big tent in Vancouver. It’s been all over the world – these are well-travelled and happy horses cared for by a talented team of riders, grooms, vets and blacksmiths. As someone familiar with horses, I was most impressed by the fact that some of them are voice trained – and they perform an equestrian ballet on stage that is breathtaking. So, whether you are a horse-lover or not, this is a show not to be missed.

I really believe that people who are creators and I’m thinking writers, can really benefit from loosing themselves in spectacular, artistic performances, outside of their discipline. It gets the imagination sparked up so that when you return to your own work, you feel excited and inspired, so don’t make the mistake of locking yourself up with only yourself – go and have some fun and I’ll guarantee that your writing will improve.


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The BP Disaster: One Year Later: Audubon Updates

One year ago, the tragic Deepwater Horizon blowout triggered a summer-long nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico. None of us will forget our heartbreak as we viewed photos of oiled birds, turtles, and other wildlife—and the frustration we felt each day for the three months it took BP to cap the well. But in the midst of despair, our volunteers sounded a firm, confident note of hope. Some 34,000 responded to our appeal—and several hundred joined our active ranks in the Gulf. Those whose homes were too far away for direct action helped in many other ways, from contributing funds and inspiring others to do so, to creating healthy and inviting backyard habitat for birds en route to and from the Gulf during migration, to conserving energy. Thank you!

Today, April 20, is not just a time to look back. It is a time to look forward—and to focus on the challenges ahead of us. While the well is capped, the impacts of the spill are far from over. What we’ve learned from other spills, like the Exxon Valdez in Alaska, is that the birds that are recovered and officially reported dead are only a small fraction of those that actually died. And the continued presence of oil and its by-products, in habitat and in the food chain, may impact food supply and reproductive health for many more years. Factor in the many other longstanding environmental threats confronting the Gulf region, and it’s clear that its wildlife and its communities still need your help. Visit the Audubon website to find out what you can do, or get directly involved by downloading the Hope for the Gulf, kit.

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Thank you to My Readers!!

This was in my inbox this morning:

Hello i read the book “The perfect cut” back in highschool and i thought it was an incredible story. Back then i was deep in the blues because i was in a new school and i was all alone but after reading that book it inspired me to find happiness in my new school, thank you Julie for writing that book and I hope to read more of your novels in the future 🙂 .


This kind of comment, for a writer, at least this writer, puts a huge smile on my face and I want to thank all of you for your emails and kind words. It’s it this kind of feedback that makes those hours alone at a keyboard so worthwhile. Thank you, thank you!!

The Darkness Between the Stars is at the printers! Yippee and I’ve started a brand new book, which I am equally as excited about. I hope you will like it too!

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An Outdoor Games Table for Wendy Ladner-Beaudry

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of the horrible, and still unbelievable murder of someone who was an amazing mother, friend, wife and person – Wendy Ladner-Beaudry. Friends and family gathered in Pacific Spirit Park, where she died to pay our respects, honour Wendy’s memory and comfort each other that one day, whoever committed this senseless crime will be brought to justice. The police assured everyone present that this case remains front and centre for them and that they will never give up until it is solved.

The Ladner family is offering a $30,000 reward for new information leading to the arrest and charge of this person or persons.”

The offer expires June 3. No previous reward has been offered in the case.

“There are no words strong enough to describe this stealing of a life, this crippling heartbreak,” Wendy’s sister Nancy Ladner Edmonds told a large gathering of media at a press conference held on a trail at the park entrance.

Wendy’s scrabble group, in conjunction with the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society and the Vancouver Park Board are dedicating an outdoor games table in memory of Wendy and the table will sit beneath a lovely cherry tree on the grounds of the Kerrisdale Community Centre for all to enjoy. The Centre has committed half of the money needed for this project and the scrabble group is raising the rest of the money: $3,500. If you’d like to help to honour and remember Wendy in this way, please email for more information, or send a cheque to Vancouver Park Board c/o Wendy Ladner-Beaudry-In-Memory Fund, 2099 Beach Avenue, Vancouver, V6G 1Z4

Wendy will always be missed.

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Canadian Storytelling Camp for Children with Dyslexia

This summer reach beyond the words and dive into the magical world of storytelling at the Canadian Storytelling Camp, to be held in Vancouver from August 2nd to the 5th.

I am excited to be one of this year’s workshop leaders, alongside some of my favourite writing buddies, including Lee Edward Fodi, kc dyer and Richard Scrimger.

Find more information about the camp and download brochures and application forms. This camp is designed for children entering grades six and seven in September, 2011 and more specifically for dyslexic kids who love to tell and listen to stories. Come to camp and fall in love with reading!

Hope to see you there!

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