Cavalia: Horse Lover’s Delight

Last week we went to see Cavalia, directed by Éric Villeneuve. It was a spectacular show, even more so for horse-lovers, but one of our party had never been near a horse in her life, and was transfixed by the acrobats, riders and music.

Jennifer at intermission

Our tickets included a tour of the stables, possibly the highlight of the whole evening. Did you know that there are nineteen stallions in the show and the rest of the horses are geldings – everything from the wiry and strong little mustangs to the colourful paint and the majestic Arabians.

The Paint – Colours

We are so lucky to have this show under the big tent in Vancouver. It’s been all over the world – these are well-travelled and happy horses cared for by a talented team of riders, grooms, vets and blacksmiths. As someone familiar with horses, I was most impressed by the fact that some of them are voice trained – and they perform an equestrian ballet on stage that is breathtaking. So, whether you are a horse-lover or not, this is a show not to be missed.

I really believe that people who are creators and I’m thinking writers, can really benefit from loosing themselves in spectacular, artistic performances, outside of their discipline. It gets the imagination sparked up so that when you return to your own work, you feel excited and inspired, so don’t make the mistake of locking yourself up with only yourself – go and have some fun and I’ll guarantee that your writing will improve.


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2 responses to “Cavalia: Horse Lover’s Delight

  1. What a coincidende that we should meet tonight and disucss which of your books will be right for my 12 year old friends, Ben, and here I see your note about this great show AND we are going this Friday! Am very VERY jealous you got to visit the stables. WOW! And yes, I really agree with your comment about spending time “in the arts” to help us stay artistic!

  2. You are going to love this show!! it is spellbinding…loved meeting you too!

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