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My New Book Has Arrived!

Well, the champagne was uncorked and we celebrated the arrival of my new book: The Darkness Between the Stars.

My most amazing publisher, McKellar and Martin hand delivered it hot off the press and I want to thank both Tonya Martin and Meghan Spong for making this book something that I am really proud of. As I’ve said before, a good book is a collaboration between the author and the editor and if the chemistry is there, magic happens!

And magic has happened here.

As I turned the pages, the characters came alive all over again – some paragraphs made me smile, others made me cry – this is a sad, but hopeful story and one that needed to be told. I hope the readers will feel the same way.

I’ll be writing lots more about this, both here and on Goodreads, , but for the moment, I just want to acknowledge my publishers and revel in the joy of a my new novel. And have another sip of bubbly!!


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A Sneak Peek at My New Book!!

Well, it’s almost time! I am so excited about my next book and in love with the cover! For a sneak peak of The Darkness Between the Stars, visit the McKellar and Martin website.
It’s already listed on Chapters/Indigo and on amazon, but the cover is an older version.


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Book Launches for Fun and Learning

If you are a writer or a reader looking for a good time, why not consider going to a book launch or reading. Vancouver is a great city for this and almost every night there is a launch, a reading, a poetry slam or something free and literary to do. Last night, a friend and I drove to the other side of the water (that would be North Vancouver) and more precisely Edgemont Village to 32 Books, an amazing Indie bookstore, to see Amanda Hale launch her latest novel, In the Embrace of the Alligator.

Amanda read a chapter from her book, and I listened with my eyes closed so I could fully experience and enjoy being transported, through her lyrical words to the real Cuba, where everything isn’t all rosy, but the people are steadfast and colourful. Anyone who has looked at map or flown over Cuba, will recognize the unique alligator like shape of this county, that inspired the book’s title.

While there, I met Cathie Borrie who was recently interviewed on North by Northwest (CBC Radio One). I listened to that interview and put her non-fiction book about dealing with a mum with Alzheimer’s on my reading list, so what a joy to meet her in person. Her books, The Long Hello, (oh how I love that title) and it’s companion, Looking into your voice guarantee an intimate look into the world of this debilitating and all too common disease. And they are beautifully written. I plan to offer one of my copies to a friend who is struggling to deal with the pain of her mother’s descent into this frightening, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes insightful place.

So, all in all, a great evening. And there is more to come! On Monday May 9th, Bernhard Sehlink, author of The Reader will be presenting at the VPL, courtesy of the Vancouver Writers Festival, incite program – free!!

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Check out this Science Blog by Science Writers

Check out this great blog: Sci/Why, where Canadian children’s writers discuss science, words, and the eternal question – why?

According to the bloggers: There will be fun, science, information, writing-talk, and occasional
craziness. And lots of questions. Maybe even some answers!

There is a place on this blog for young scientists and their parents too. The impressive list of contributors includes some high profile kid’s science writers. The Science Lady, Shar Levine who truly does make science fun!

This is a great place to visit for teachers, librarians, big people, little people and anybody interested in how our world works or wants an answer to the question, Why??

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