My New Book Has Arrived!

Well, the champagne was uncorked and we celebrated the arrival of my new book: The Darkness Between the Stars.

My most amazing publisher, McKellar and Martin hand delivered it hot off the press and I want to thank both Tonya Martin and Meghan Spong for making this book something that I am really proud of. As I’ve said before, a good book is a collaboration between the author and the editor and if the chemistry is there, magic happens!

And magic has happened here.

As I turned the pages, the characters came alive all over again – some paragraphs made me smile, others made me cry – this is a sad, but hopeful story and one that needed to be told. I hope the readers will feel the same way.

I’ll be writing lots more about this, both here and on Goodreads, , but for the moment, I just want to acknowledge my publishers and revel in the joy of a my new novel. And have another sip of bubbly!!



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2 responses to “My New Book Has Arrived!

  1. David

    Julie, I am so happy for you and can’t wait to read the new book. Hip hip hooray!

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