Sharing Books – Spreading Literacy

I am a member of CWILL, and many people may not realize our strong commitment, as a group, to making sure that children have access to books, whenever possible. We do this through donations to various groups in need. For example, books from authors have gone to Japan and to Slave Lake in the past few months.

I was inspired by this generosity and wanted to make sure that the wonderful books I read this year for the annual Red Cedar Award would also find a home in a more local school library, where they would be read and read again, allowing students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in the Red Cedar Awards for 2012, do just that.

With the help of fellow-writer, Lois Peterson, we found a home for all of these books at Jessie Lee Elementary School in Surrey, where librarian Dawne Murray plans to oversee a full Red Cedar reading program for her her students. I couldn’t be more thrilled about this 🙂

If you have books sitting on your shelves that need a home, please consider donating them. I know it is tempting to take them to a second hand bookstore to sell, but, in the end, it is much more satisfying to send them off to a bookshelf where they will be appreciated!

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