Stanley Cup Playoffs: Vancouver’s Shame

I am sitting here watching the coverage of the aftermath of Stanley Cup Game. GAME being the key word. It’s only a game, a bunch of guys chasing a puck around the ice and it’s a good game, but the magic has been taken away. There were a bunch of kids here tonight, some had been at the game, some downtown and some watching at home. They left downtown when the game ended – they have brains.

There’s going to be some Darwin Awards given out tonight – how sad. And what a terrible shame for this city – an embarrassment and a humiliation.

Most kids did the right thing and left. The rest of you should shake your heads…there is nothing about tonight to be proud of.

The Canucks lost a game. We lost a lot more than that.


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2 responses to “Stanley Cup Playoffs: Vancouver’s Shame

  1. John Chega

    You presume too much. The people at these games are not kids. Most of them showed up half intoxicated and were allowed to get more soused as the game went on. This may be the time to revisit selling alcohol at sporting events. Obviously the “RIOT” was more entertaining for them than the game.
    They should have been proud of their team instead of angry at the loss. I thought Vancouver had more class than that. But I’m not going to let a bunch of half inebriated jerks diminish my opinion of one of the wortld’s most beautiful and friendly cities.
    John Chega

  2. Hi John,
    When I say ‘kids’ I meant young adult, for the most part males – as confirmed today in the media and by the police. I misused the word ‘kids,’ and thanks for pointing this out. I wanted to be clear that this was a small group of thugs, not the real fans, who remain behind their team and proud of them for making the playoffs.
    It’s a sad atmosphere here today, most people just shocked at what happened and hoping that people like you who watched this unfold from outside of Vancouver will not paint all of us with the same brush. Thanks for your vote of confidence.

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