No Summer but Doing Summer Stuff

I have to say that being officially ‘unemployed,’ or perhaps I should say ‘underemployed’ does have its benefits. Since resigning from at the end of last month, I find myself with loads of time on my hands; time to write more, time to look for an agent, time to redo the front garden and be with family and friends.

I am really enjoying myself! Today, it is a cool 20 degrees and cloudy, in other words a 2011 Vancouver summer day and one of my friends (who is only 14, so immune to cold) has convinced me to go paddle boarding! This will be my first time in the water this year and it’s going to be cold, around 16 degrees, but it is summer and less than six weeks left, why not live a little!

Besides, we can go to Jericho after for beer and fries, or juice on her part, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

My motto for this summer: Engage in life 🙂

And write…my ms is almost finished and I’m starting to mull over some new ideas. The laneway house is keeping me busy and it is the most beautiful small space in Vancouver.

Once it is up, we are going to be looking for tenants, whether short or long term, we have not yet decided, but that will be a whole other adventure!

Down time is an author’s, at least this authors friend – time to think, enjoy and let the creative juices flow! If you are a writer, try it and I guarantee your work will be better for it…

Jump in even if the weather isn't cooperating

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