Canadian Children’s Book Camp at the Vancouver Public Library

Today I had the pleasure of once again participating in the annual Canadian Children’s Writing and Book Camp at the main branch of the VPL in downtown Vancouver.

I gave a short lunchtime talk on How to Get Published, and by the end of a week at Book Camp, lots of these talented kids are ready for this next, big step in the writer’s life. We talked about both traditional and non-traditional methods of publishing and the kids asked lots of relevant questions, to which, (I hope) I gave equally relevant answers!

In the short period of time we had together we talked about contracts, agents, editors, how to get a publication history, cover letters, researching agents and much more. Last year when The Perfect Cut was nominated for a White Pine Award, I did quite a few presentations, workshops and talks, but since that time have not done many. Today I was reminded of how much I enjoy talking to young adults, and even better, how much I love hearing their ideas.

When Dead Reckoning came out almost ten years ago and I discovered how much public speaking was required, I was terrified. Now this part of being a writer is something I love! Good thing, because as I explained to the kids, publishing houses invest in authors who are willing to and good at talking to groups, both large and small about the process of writing, their work and other writing related topics.

Thanks VPL for inviting me!

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