September is Grant Writing Time!

On Monday I spent most of the day adding the finishing touches to my grant application to the BC Arts Council, and I know that many of my British Columbia colleagues were doing exactly the same thing.

I have previously applied for grants from the BC Arts Council twice and not in consecutive years and both times I was, to my huge and massive disappointment turned down 😦

It’s not easy to write a grant; sometimes I think it is actually easier to write a book and it is especially difficult to write a grant about a project that is barely in the beginning stages of development, but I got it done with much whining and snuffling…

I have a lot of confidence in my next book (although most of it is still in head), but it would make such a difference to have some financial support, especially since leaving my job last June. I am very happily unemployed, but miss the $$.

I know all of us who spent time and effort on grant writing are hoping for good news in the next few months and I wish us all luck!

And now it’s time to sink my teeth into the book. Good thing it’s a grey day and perfect to be inside typing not at the beach….

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