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E-Reader Guilt? Get Rid of It and Enjoy the Story

I saw this on Twitter and wanted to pass it on: Humans Have the Need to Read, from the Guardian.

I think there is a lot of e-reader guilt going around these days. In some circles, having an e-reader feels a bit like pulling out a pack of smokes in a British Columbia – bad.

I love books, but I love my e-reader too. When I’m travelling, I’d rather not fill up my already over-stuffed suitcase with books, and I really like that I can make notes about passages or highlight interesting quotes without worrying about folding over pages or damaging the book.

I like my e-reader in the tub, too. So far. I have dropped many books in bathwater, but not the kindle, not yet 🙂

When I was a kid, I read anything I could get my hands on: cereal boxes, books, magazines, road signs – if it had text, I read it. Except for comics. My parents didn’t think much of comic books, but I had a secret stash of Archie which I was allowed to look at in the summers only. Perhaps if comics had been marketed as ‘Graphic Novels,’ things would have been different in our house.

Anyway, those comic books never did me any harm. When I’m speaking to kids or teachers or parents, I encourage the kids to read in any format that interests them and ask the parents and teachers to act, not as censors, but as advisers.

And now, I encourage readers to read in any format. Drop the e-reader guilt, if you’ve got it and enjoy the story – that’s what stimulates our brains and keeps us thinking.

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No Pipeline Through Paradise: Are You Listening BC Liberals?

The BC Liberal Party has been calling me lately. Mostly I just don’t pick up the phone, but I did last night, because they used a bogus cell phone number instead of a true caller ID – I guess I am not the only person who has been avoiding their calls.

Anyway, they wanted to know if I would support them in the next election. I said no. Before I could begin to explain why, the caller got into a big rant about how things were under the NDP all of those years ago. He sort of skipped over the whole Campbell era without a blink.

When he’d finished, I explained that I wouldn’t vote for anybody who was too cowardly to say no to the Endbridge Northern Gateway Project. He didn’t have much to say about that besides, “Thank you and Goodnight.” He may have flipped me the finger – that’s the feeling I got.

If you feel the same way, please sign the online petition, write to your local MP and talk to your friends.

This is a worldwide petition, because this is a global issue. Bears and whales and other wild things can’t fight the big oil companies, but we can on their behalf.

This threat is nothing new: Check this out: Anti-Kitimat pipeline 1977 letter from Tommy Douglas goes viral . It’s from Nov, 2011, but it’s worth reposting in case someone missed it.

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The Problem With Social Media

Bear With Me!

I did a little experiment and stayed away from all forms of social media: Twitter, FB, Blogging, for the last few months. I wanted to see if I would get more work done. In the end, I’ve missed blogging, but not FB and not Twitter and not Linkedin, either, for that matter.

That said, I am not willing, although I am tempted, to delete my FB account. It comes in handy as a writer to keep in touch with other writers publishers, launch announcements etc… My agent is on Facebook, as are many of my colleagues in CWILL, the Writers Union and other professional affiliations.

So, I’ve decided to keep on blogging – it gets the creative juices flowing, check my FB once in a while, not worry too much about tweeting, because honestly, I don’t always have something interesting to say on a daily basis and I don’t have time to discover and tweet other people’s viewpoints.

When I look at my blog stats, I realize lots of people are reading this, and I must be a big disappointment with my recent lack of posts. So apologies and bear with me – I plan to be more consistent, starting now!

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Illinois Woman’s Press Association (IWPA 2012 Contest)

It’s that time of the year already. The IWPA 2012 Communications Contest is upon us and once again, I have been asked to be one of the judges. Active since 1885, the IWPA acts as both an advocate and a voice for women in press and I am honoured to participate in this annual event.

So for the next week, the phone is off the hook while I read through the many entries that arrived in a big box late last week – everything from Feature Stories to News Reporting. If this year’s entries are anything like last years, I can look forward to passionate, interesting and engaging writing. What better way to spend the next little while!

If you want to know more about the IWPA, their website is a wealth of information, links and much more. From their site:

The past 126 years of the Illinois Woman’s Press Association c ombined with the 70+ years history of the National Federation of Press Women has been a powerful force in supporting literacy, women’s issues, the First Amendment and freedom of information. We have developed powerful partnerships with such organizations as the Council of National Journalism Organizations, the National Women’s History Museum and the World Press Freedom Committee.

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