Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Annual Writing Contest a Huge Success!

CCBC receives overwhelming response to Book Week 2012 Writing Contest. Toronto, Feb. 28

To celebrate Book Week 2012 (May 5–12) and its accompanying theme—Read a Book, Share a Story—the Canadian Children’s Book Centre (CCBC) kicked off its annual Writing Contest for kids and teens in November, 2011. Canadian students were asked share their stories or poems and the response this year was overwhelming. The CCBC received over two thousand submissions for the contest—four times the amount received last year. Winners will be announced on May 9. Their winning stories and poems will be posted on website.


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2 responses to “Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Annual Writing Contest a Huge Success!

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    • Thanks Winnie for your comment. Let me know if you remember! Julie Burtinshaw

      Julie Burtinshaw


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