Upcoming Retreats: St. Peter’s Abbey and Bethlehem House

I’ve just completed my application for St. Peter’s Abbey Summer Writing Retreat – two glorious weeks dedicated to writing in this peaceful Benedictine Monastery. Last year, I successfully completed a manuscript at the abbey that is now in the hands of my agent – this year, although I may not complete a manuscript, I have one that I will be working on full time. In two weeks, at a retreat, I can get as much writing done as I can at home, in two months!

ImageThe brilliant blue sky and canola fields of Saskatchewan!

I am also looking forward to a three day writing retreat at Bethlehem House, just outside of Nanaimo, on the shores of Westwood lake, at the end of the month. Run by Benedictine Sisters, this is a less formal retreat and writers can book to stay here for a very reasonable price at any time of the year – meals included 🙂 One of the questions I am most asked about this type of Benedictine retreat is “Do I have to be a Catholic to stay at monasteries?” The answer is no. I am not a Catholic, or any religion at all, really, but these are not religious retreats – although the peace and quiet offered is hard to find anywhere else. 

I will be blogging about my stay at Bethlehem House – becasue this will be my first time, I cannot yet recommend it, but I am confident it will offer everything a retreat should and more. I am going toward the end of April, so keep checking back for more information.

And if you are a writer looking for a place to create without interruptions, there are likely Benedictine Monasteries near where you live – affordable, easy to get to and unforgettable.



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2 responses to “Upcoming Retreats: St. Peter’s Abbey and Bethlehem House

  1. Looks amazing! I think I may have drooled on my keyboard reading this post… (And did you say the word “peace”? My son is playing Hot Cross Buns on the organ right now. Over. And over. And over.)

  2. I hear you! Just imagine actually hearing the wind in the trees… I think you deserve a few days away, but that’s just my opinon!

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