Day Three Bethlehem House Writer’s Retreat

I am feeling very good about the work I am getting done here and now feel fully prepared for my workshop at the Kamloops Young Writer’s Festival as well as my panel discussion on publishing at the Symposium of Manitoba Writer’s coming up in May. What a difference peace and quiet makes to my output, both quality and quantity. I’m very grateful for this opportunity to work in such a lovely setting.

Because it is Earth Day, I wanted to talk a little bit about the meals here at Bethlehem House and more importantly, the philosophy behind those meals. Since the Retreat Brochure says it best:

The culinary services at the Centre are central to supporting a nourishing environment for persons on their spiritual and or professional paths. In season, much of the Centre’s organic produce is harvested directly from our own garden. Nourishing the body/soul by sharing a meal is an essential part of any gathering at the Centre with food respectfully prepared by our Red Seal Chef.

I didn’t know what that was either, until I Googled it, but what I did know right away and without the help of a search engine, was that the meals here have been really, really good. My kind of food – a large, fresh salad at both lunch and dinner, a variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian proteins and mouth watering deserts – my favourite so far, the most delectable chocolate mousse and after a full day of writing, I need something sweet and made from scratch.

Breakfast: oatmeal, fruit, toast and cereal – good brain food for a day of writing.


The Dinning Room with a View at Bethlehem House

I really appreciate that everything is composted and recycled here and eventually added to the garden – great stewards of the earth!

There is a monastery a property over with a great little gift store and a  collection of comical llamas. Unfortunately, by the time we found out about this, it was closed 😦 Image



We leave tomorrow, but I hope to return at some point. This has been a fantastic few days away from the noise and interruptions of the real world. Recommended 

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