I’m Excited for the Kamloops Young Writer’s Festival

Today I finished up my creative writing workshops for the Kamloops Young Writer’s Festival and I’m really excited about the two workshops I will be leading for older teens. For fun, I’ve put together a powerpoint with some great vids, along with some really creative and fun interactive exercises all designed to help the students with any current projects they might be working on, whatever their chosen genre.

Talking to Students and teaching creative writing –Satisfying!

Roadtrip! On Thursday morning, Norma Charles is picking my up, then we will scoop up Lee Edward Fodi and Lori Sherritt-Flemming, grab some java and hit the road, arriving in Kamloops in time for the Welcome Reception, that involves wine, cheese, nibblies and good conversation. Altogether, there will seven of us running workshops to cover both elementary and secondary students. Here is the list of presenters and I’ve seen most of them in action, so I know the kids are in for a treat. Prepare to be amused and creative!


Lee Edward Fodi
Lori Sherritt-Fleming
Norma Charles


Denise Jaden
Crystal Strangahan
Julie Burtinshaw
Susan Buis

In the meantime, I’ve got a toothache because I got a crown today and my torn tendons continue to force me to hobble around in an ankle brace. I’m hoping Kamloops will distract me from the world of hurt 🙂


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3 responses to “I’m Excited for the Kamloops Young Writer’s Festival

  1. You are a very busy lady! Thought I’d pop over here to learn more about my co-panelist. Looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday. Hope your ankle and tooth will be feeling better by then. 🙂

    – Susan from Winnipeg

  2. Hi Susan,
    I sound like a walking disaster. I will probably be bringing my cane to Manitoba 😦 Have been working on my presentation and happy with it! Looking forward to meeting you. My plane lands around six, so maybe we could get together that evening or on Thursday daytime before the reading we are going to?

  3. If you’re not too jet-lagged, we could meet at the Reception in the evening, or during registration Thursday morning, if you prefer. Will they be sending you a driver, or would you like a ride to either place? (Unlike anyone they send, I have experience with ‘physically challenged’ people! ;))

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