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National Theatre Live in Vancouver at Cineplex

National Theatre Live in Vancouver at Cineplex.

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National Theatre Live in Vancouver at Cineplex

Last night a friend invited me to a play and I readily excepted. Believing this to be live theatre, I was surprised when she asked me to meet her at Cineplex on Burrard Street. 

I was even more surprised to discover that we would be watching a live satellite feed of the closing night of a play at London’s National Theatre! We had the best seats in the house, notwithstanding that we an ocean and a couple of timezones away from the UK.

I’m hooked. The play, The Last of the Haussmans was at times sad, very funny and thought provoking. What happens when a mother abandons her family to follow her own misguided dreams? What is the impact on her children, her grandchild and on herself?

This play ran for 2 hours and 40 minutes, with one intermission, but as in all good art, I lost track of time completely. Brilliant cast including Julie Walterd and Rory Kinnear.

In November, Simon Russell Beal stars in Timon of Athens and in January John Lighgow stars in a Victorian farce called The Magistrate.

Both of these performances will be broadcast live in theatres around the world, including here in Vancouver and I’m hoping to attend and if anyone out there loves good plays, you won’t be disappointed.


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