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MyVoteMatters aims to increase voter turnout

This is non-partisan and just a plea for all of us in Vancouver who are eligible to vote to get out on November 15th and vote. I have this sign on my lawn, but it keeps getting stolen. I just hope the thieves are putting it where everyone can see it. I’ve got lots!

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

Lawn Sign MyVoteMattersWe are happy to share the following message from Mike Andruff of MyVoteMatters.ca, which was established to identify issues that matter to voters and invite candidates to state their position on those issues — and to get people out to vote in the November 15 civic election in Vancouver.

“On October 27, 2014, 64.3% of eligible Torontonian voters turned up to exercise their franchise, in contrast to 34.6% of eligible Vancouverites who turned up in November of 2011. Why the apathy in Vancouver? Granted that was then, and a lot has occurred since that time.

Will the Vancouver voter turnout be different in 2014? Every voter in Vancouver has a stake in how their city is managed. The 18-35 year olds who typically shy away from the polls, need to join the process if they are to get an electoral system more responsive to their needs. New Canadians, unfamiliar…

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Adrian Carr Asks Voters to Avoid One Dominant Party

At Hycroft tonight, Adriane Carr asked voters to think about making sure there is NOT one dominant party on City Council – but a mix of many parties.  “Think: who would work collaboratively and who would stand up for the public interest, as we would?” Carr asked. Bob Kasting, an Independent candidate for Mayor, concurred, and said “I’m prepared to lead a diverse City Council comprised of many different parties and work with everyone to build consensus and together make Vancouver the type of city people who LIVE here want.”

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Meet candidates for Mayor and Women Candidates for City Council

Hosted by the University Women’s Club of Vancouver (at Hycroft)

The quality of life in Vancouver will rest in the hands of those elected for the next 4 years

Make an informed choice

Meet candidates for Mayor and Women Candidates for City Council

Tuesday 28th October at Hycroft 6:30 pm – Meet and Greet

7:00 – 9:00 pm – Statements, Candidate Debate, Q&A

Open to all interested voters. No charge.

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