Stiwdio Maelor; Wales Writing Residency

One of the greatest gifts a writer can have is being invited to spend time in a Residency. Last year, I applied and was accepted to an International Writers’ Residency in Wales. The process of applying seems so long ago, but suddenly it’s only a month away. My heritage on my mother’s side is Welsh so in a strange way, it feels like I will be travelling to a country that feels familiar, even though that familiarity is a product of stories I heard as a child and my imagination.

I’ll have the precious gift of time to write and I hope to keep up a blog while I am there, so check back for news and stories of my time in Wales.

I’ll be at stiwdiomaelor, and no, I can’t pronounce it yet, but that will change when I arrive mid-May. Thank you to Australian artist Veronica Calarco for giving me this wonderful opportunity to Write in Peace.


There’s something unknown waiting for me! 



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6 responses to “Stiwdio Maelor; Wales Writing Residency

  1. Steph Nicolls

    Ffawbyullous! Say hi to Daffyd and Bronwyn, Owen and Mafawnway (and William & Kate!)

  2. We spent a week in Wales last fall and had a wonderful time hiking around. There seemed to be a story lurking around every twist and turn of the paths. You’ll enjoy it for sure!

  3. Norma Charles

    Hi Julie,

    What an exciting opportunity for you! I’m looking forward to reading all about it.

    By the way, I’m launching my new book, LAST CHANCE ISLAND next week on April 28, 7:00, at the Lyceum, 8th and Alma. I’d LOVE to see you there.

    Best wishes, Norma


  4. How exciting! Maybe you can learn to pronounce “Lloyd” for me. I’ve heard it in the traditional Welsh way a few times, but I can’t even begin to say it. Have a wonderful, productive time!!

  5. Congratulations.. can international writers apply too?

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