Authors’ Booking Service: Invite Julie Into Your School

If you would like me to be a keynote speaker, a workshop facilitator or a creative writing mentor, please contact the Author’s Booking Service for details on my presentations in schools, colleges and non-profits.

I have a special interest in travelling to the North to speak to students and conduct workshops. The Writer’s Union of Canada will fund visits to the Yukon and NWT.

Please note: I do not charge for travel to large airports in Canada including, (but not limited to):

Prince George
White Horse
Yellow Knife
St. Johns

Please email me if you’d like to find out if your district qualifies for this travel program!

The CWILL BC Website has provided the following information for teachers/librarians and schools interested in sourcing funding to pay for author visits:

Available funding for author and illustrator school visits

Did you know that your district already receives government funding for author and illustrator classroom workshops and presentations? All grants are available through ArtStarts.

A district can apply for a CWILL BC author or illustrator to give an hour-long workshop or presentation in the school classroom and be eligible for funding to cover up to 60% of the CWILL BC member’s fee!

AIE Component 2 for long-term residency

There’s no need to go through your district; there are grants available to teachers!

As a teacher, you can apply for a CWILL BC author or illustrator to come into your school for a long-term residency (a week or more). That residency could be three hours a day, from Monday to Friday, for one or more specific classes of students. The funding your school would then be eligible for would be 60% of the CWILL BC member’s fee.

To find out more about these programs or to apply for funding to bring a writer into your school, visit CWILL
Recent Presentations:

Manitoba Symposium on Writing

Kamloops Young Author’s Festival

Keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and more


2 responses to “Authors’ Booking Service: Invite Julie Into Your School

  1. A few Poems…I am currently looking for Publishers…


  2. View Conversation Edit Report 11-27-2010 01:54 PM – permalinkKevin INFJ
    Golden Tear sonneT No.1(for Mikey)(LoVe Monkey No.3)..(noT a sonneT)..

    Yes,Im waTching You
    I prey wiTh you in WAR
    My back is yours
    Yours is Mine
    Twin Terrible Killers
    ShadoW GhosTs
    Black deaTh
    We ride the magic carpet inTo eTerniTy Michael
    The Camels Hair of Life you were
    You were the MeTamorphosis of creaTion
    The dual sonneT of Irony
    We skim the surface of the Indian Ocean TogeTher in a dream
    Flying and Happy
    Hand in Hand
    In Life

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