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Canada Council Turns Me Down Again! My Heart Breaks

I am writing this blog post to share my pain with other writers and my shame…yes, shame. Once again, I have been turned down for a Canada Council Grant. This time, I was asking for a travel grant because I am going to spend three weeks at at writer’ retreat in Quebec (I will blog all the details once I am closer to the date).

I don’t know how to get a grant from CC. I send in all the documentation, all the award nominations and successes, reviews, project outlines, references, expense reports – every thing they ask for – I give and more. And yet, I can’t even get travel money, and I’ve never been succesful in getting money to work on my books…It is so frustrating and humiliating. That is why I want to share this with other writers. In my workshops, I always tell emerging artists to accept rejection with grace and move on. I quote Samuel Beckett’s “Ever tried? Ever Failed? Try harder. Fail better.”

Here is the message I always get – and I always cry 😦

Grant Application Result
Decision Unsuccessful

The assessment committee for the program, has recently completed its deliberations. We regret to inform you that your application was not successful. Committee members were asked to review and evaluate each application and to make grant recommendations based on the assessment criteria published in the program application guidelines. Because of the limited funds available, the assessment committee’s decisions had to be made in an extremely competitive context. All committee decisions are final.

It’s not always easy to “Practice What you Preach.”
I will accept this rejection with grace…

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