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Lane Homes in Vancouver – Improving Density

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In the last year, we’ve been tossing around the idea of somehow changing our living arrangements to better suit our goals of smaller spaces, travelling and lesser carbon footprint. This afternoon, we spent a few hours with a company in Vancouver that specializes in the construction of “Lane or Coach Homes.” They take the project from start to completion, and build the homes off site so as to reduce the impact of turning one’s property into a full-blown work site.

I quite liked the idea, especially since we live in a neighbourhood where, at a guess, over three-quarters of the homes have basement suites and still it is difficult to find rental properties, We would be able to build a tasteful, minimalist lane house and rent it out (thereby covering the cost) and eventually move into it in time, rent out our main house and travel the world.

Choosing the Right Guys to Build Your House is Important

The name of the company we most like is: LaneCraft and they are quite new.

If we go ahead with this, I will be actively blogging and writing the experience and our journey will be on Youtube and everywhere else so that other’s like us can learn from the experience. In the meantime, if you have any comments, suggestions…let me know.

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