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Miss Julie — Freedom Summer

Tomorrow night The Vancouver Playhouse’s latest performance “Miss Julie: Freedom Summer” opens and I am going to attend with my daughter. On these long dark days of winter when we all are stricken with cabin fever, why not step away from the TV/cooking dinner or whatever other mundane distraction you’ve been employing to forget about the cold and go and soak up some live theatre.

Interested? Here’s a little info about the play:

Max Reimer, Artistic Managing Director
A new version by Stephen Sachs, from the play by August Strindberg
Directed by Stephen Sachs
Starring Caroline Cave, Kevin Hanchard, and Raven Dauda
A co-production with The Canadian Stage Company

This play promises to be engaging from the second the curtain rises. “Critics Choice: The tension in the original – in which a young, upper-class woman and her servant sexually cross the class divide – is multiplied by adding the racial divide. Miss Julie is white, and the servant is her father’s black chauffeur. For American audiences, the play is much more harrowing than usual.” Los Angeles City-Beat

Support other creators. Go see a live performance. You won’t regret it.


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