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We Can Only Fit Into The Snuggie!

A Natural Plant Similar to Algae Found in the OceanVictoria Spice lost 14 stone in five weeks — all because of algae wraps — a pungent thick brownish paste…which when wrapped around one´s body sucks out all of the fat and water…
Joy and I have been eating chocolate for a full week and we have one day at the Blue Lagoon which is only one or two wraps — depending on our cash flow. If we could just lose one whole dress size, we might be able to shop for something other than The Snuggie.

Since our movie tastes differ somewhat, we have compromised. Every night we watch one love story, compliments of Joy — tonight´s pick: Before Sunset with Ethan Hawke and Julia Delpy, which even I, fan of all things dark loved, and one grim movie, compliments of me — tonight´s choice Kold Slod — also a bit of a love story, and Joy only hid under her snuggie twice.

KlausterKaffi in our House Where we Feast

KlausterKaffi in our House Where we Feast

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