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A Prescription for Long Term Recovery : Audubon (August 2nd)

Audubon in my inbox:

On Wednesday, Audubon and its Louisiana Coastal Restoration partners released a plan to restore wetlands—a critical step forward that will benefit birds, wildlife and people of the region. The recommendations included in the report, entitled “Common Ground: A Shared Vision for Restoring the Mississippi River Delta,” by Environmental Defense Fund,

National Audubon Society and the National Wildlife Federation, outlines the necessary steps to restore and rebuild an ecosystem that has lost more than 2,300 square miles of wetlands—an area larger than the state of Delaware—since the 1930s. The three environmental organizations came together to seek solutions to one of our nation’s most pressing environmental challenges. According to the report,” The loss of coastal wetlands to oil contamination may speed up today’s alarming land loss, leaving an already weakened ecosystem even more vulnerable to storms and other man-made assaults.” The good news is that the collaborative effort is bringing together the expertise, knowledge and supporters of all three organizations. Learn more.

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