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Anteater Tops the Night

As I write, an anteater saunters by, completely distracting my already distracted self. So, all I’ll say before crawling into bed (which is lovely walk through a jungle path away) is that we are thinking, learning and sharing ideas here in Costa Rica. Yoga at 7am and the day just keeps on going, which is why I am going to bed and it is only nine!
What an amazing country this is! I’ve got zip lining in my future – I can redeem myself from chickening out the first time at the Olympics.

Since I’ve been sitting here, three other people have joined me to get wired. We are outside in the outdoor lobby, huddled around the hotspot – someone said, “hey, we’re the new smokers….”
Maybe you had to be there.


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What would you do if you had a magic wand?

Well, it’s not that easy, but this is what I would do if I had a magic wand.

When my essay was accepted for How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth, I had no idea it would lead to such a wonderful opportunity and now I am off to Costa Rica to discover how I can make a profound difference in our world – what a once-in-a-lifetime gift and I thank John E Wade for his incredible optimism and belief in change. I will be writing way more about this, but for now, it is about being grateful.

And busy. I have been judging the Illinois Women’s Press Association Print Media Contest and blown away by the passion and commitment of those who have entered.

The final edits of my next book are completed and the galleys should be arriving any day now – what a thrill.

I am also devouring the books for the Red Cedar Awards (2011) – hardly work, but keeping me up late at night and who doesn’t love reading books they can’t put down?

Not to forget suite101.com, where I spend lots of hours, not just editing, but learning great stuff about reading and writing.

While I am in Costa Rica, the internet connection might be a bit iffy, so if you don’t hear from me, don’t worry. Eventually, I end up in Toronto and hope to catch up with friends.

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