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The Problem With Social Media

Bear With Me!

I did a little experiment and stayed away from all forms of social media: Twitter, FB, Blogging, for the last few months. I wanted to see if I would get more work done. In the end, I’ve missed blogging, but not FB and not Twitter and not Linkedin, either, for that matter.

That said, I am not willing, although I am tempted, to delete my FB account. It comes in handy as a writer to keep in touch with other writers publishers, launch announcements etc… My agent is on Facebook, as are many of my colleagues in CWILL, the Writers Union and other professional affiliations.

So, I’ve decided to keep on blogging – it gets the creative juices flowing, check my FB once in a while, not worry too much about tweeting, because honestly, I don’t always have something interesting to say on a daily basis and I don’t have time to discover and tweet other people’s viewpoints.

When I look at my blog stats, I realize lots of people are reading this, and I must be a big disappointment with my recent lack of posts. So apologies and bear with me – I plan to be more consistent, starting now!

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