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Delta Airlines: The Pilot Has Disappeared

A few years ago I blogged about my feelings on travelling with Delta Airlines.

Since that time I’ve been basically around the world and back and have managed to completely avoid flying with Delta, but I always look for them in the news, when I need a distraction.

Here is a great story that should make everyone laugh: Pilot’s Bathroom Break: “The captain has disappeared!”


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Woodbridge, Suffolk: Brower’s Bookstore

Here I sit in a bookshop/Internet cafe in Woodbridge totally engrossed in working when I suddenly had a moment of situational awareness and looking up from the keyboard realized that this little bookstore is absolutely packed with people reading, chatting and buying books. It made my heart warm and gave me hope for the literary future. Looking around, I notice that many of the customers are probably retired, that they are on-foot and this is part of their daily routine. They seem very engaged in life.

The bookstore walls are plastered in notices of upcoming literary events, author talks, historian talks, and theartre/concert flyers. I think I could happily spend months, not days here. Last night we ate at a wonderful little Chinese food restaurant which I will blog about in more detail when I remember the name. I arrived here completely exhausted: I left Vancouver at noon and landed, three hours later in Minneapolis (where moose seem to be a big theme). After six long hours there, I boarded a Delta/NW flight (very successful and I have no complaints at all) bound for Heathrow – 7.5 hours. Next the Heathrow Connect (4 pounds) to Paddington (maybe an hour) and finally a train to Woodbridge (at least an hour). I was truly tired and hungry, but so excited to see my auntie.

We slept really well and I have no jet lag. I think we will take the footpath to Melton, along the riverside, to a little pub for lunch. Need I say anymore?

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I’m Going away for 2 Weeks – Carry-on!!!

I am not going to fly my favourite airline, Westjet to the UK because I can’t, although the trip to Yellowknife was smooth…

Westjet goes subarctic

Westjet plane in Yellowknife before I got on

As much as I swore I would never do it again, I am going to fly Northwest, which would be fine if it wasn’t really Delta in disguise. Followers will know all about how I feel about Delta Airlines. It’s possible I won’t sleep tonight thinking about my journey from Vancouver to Minneapolis to London, Heathrow with a flight change in Minneapolis.

However, I can and do thank my terror of lost baggage and missed planes with my decision to try to go not with checked bags, but with carry-on!!
And, I think I can do it. I will only have one pair of boots and one pair of quite hideous sneakers and hardly any amazing outfits, but still I am going to get to the UK with at least some clothes!!!

I’ll keep you posted on Sunday when I leave….

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I’m Having a Bad Day & Thanks for the Peanuts

I arrived in JFK about 30 minutes after my flight to Reykjavik left the gate. Now I know that this is not the first time I’ve been a bit late for a flight, but this time, my tardiness had nothing to do with me and everything to do with Delta Airlines.

The staff at Delta in Toronto are rude, incompetent and poorly trained — all except for that one guy (who seemed to be a baggage handler or something) who actually knew all about our flight — little things like how late it might be, when if might actually leave the ground and what terminal it might land in. (Not even the flight attendant when we got on board finally knew this, until we told him.

Oh, and thanks to the pilots who circled around for ever going up and down and never bothered to inform the passengers that they didn’t really mean it when they told us we’d be landing on schedule, even though that would have been impossible without the aid of warp speed. Not to worry. All of us loved the five peanuts offered compliments of Delta — those really hit the spot.

And I’d like to extend a special thank you to the ticket agent in YYZ (remember — you sent us to use the broken kiosk and then ignored us while you checked in the suckers who actually thought it might be worth paying for first class (they were late too) for ‘accidentally’ booking me to Paris instead of Reykjavik. It’s okay — the names of these cities sound so similar that I’m sure they are often confused. Hoping my bags didn’t go to the City of Love but will find that out tomorrow.

Who needs clothes and silly stuff like that anyway?

Another thing: When you have two flights trying to leave at the same time, and both are late, it’s best not to confuse the gates. Why not call the Cincinnati Gate just that, and the New York Gate, New York, instead of having everyone going to Cincinnati line up at the New York Gate and visa versa and then reprimand them for not being in the right place? I know it’s a small thing and those digital screens are complicated and difficult to change, but this might be something to pop into the employee suggestion box if you have time between taking personal calls on your cell phones and dealing with all those bothersome paying passengers.

And one more thing: It’s not a good idea to tell passengers that they “might make their connection if they run fast, and forget to mention to them that the connecting flight is six terminals away on a train outside the airport and across a busy street. LOL. That was really funny…

Finally, telling us poor passengers the plane is late due to weather is cool. WE GET THAT. Telling us the plane is late because it had to return to the gate because of broken seats is slightly unnerving — kind of makes us wonder about the other little parts that might be busted.

Thanks to the guy at Doubletree Hotel in JFK for the warm cookie, great price and smile. To the women in the Harley shirt at hotel reservations in JFK Terminal 7 — you should get a new job — maybe as a prison guard or something. Thank God I decided to get my own hotel — saved a ton of money and didn’t end up in the only one under renovation and apparently, according to you, under $300 US within 25 kilometers of JFK.

I am a bit tired. Hope there are no typos in this and it flows smoothly, but if not — blame Delta.

Silver Lining: Tomorrow, before I fly away, I’ll check out Manhattan.


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