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Please Help Me to Buy a Laptop

Eee PC is not dead — the converter took the hit — huge relief. In spite of this great news, I still need to buy a laptop. My Toshiba, at the ripe old age of four is being retired. Hard to believe that when I bought it, it was the top of the line (11 heavy pounds) and I spent $2400 😦 Today the battery is dead, the power cord is shot and it sits on my table like a piece of antique art.

Buying a new computer is not an easy thing to do because there are so many of them out there. I prefer not to spend more than $1200 Canadian dollars, but would rather spend less. I use my laptop for email, working, researching, photos, music (torrents) and watching movies. No gaming. My question to all of you: I am thinking of the Dell XPS M13 30. If you know anything about this computer, good or bad, please post in comments. Alternately, if you can suggest a good notebook let me know.
Thanks in advance


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EEE PC in Iceland

Baby computer is with me in Iceland, and of everything electronic that I brought with me, yes, including my ipod and logitech player, it is her that I´ve appreciated the most. At night, when the wind howls and I lie awake listening for strange noises, little rock solid touches my heart by providing me with overnight talk shows — usually BBC, and sometimes, for few minutes, CNN — but that station is pretty bad.
Why oh why can´t I get CBC — streaming problems…

After a few hours of frustration, I finally figured out how to download picasa for linux, and now little computer can manage my photos. The best part is that my EEE PC travels with me everywhere I go in my purse, and she is much lighter than all of my other junk. I can´t imagine packing around a big laptop half way around the world.

Possibly, this was one of the best “I see you in the store window and I must buy you now,”
moments that I have ever had.

Now, I dream of the 1000…

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Rock Solid. Heart Touching: ASUS

That’s what it says on the user manual for my brand new Eee PC and it’s true. This amazing little computer fits in my purse and is super easy to use. It only cost $300! I went out to buy a lighter laptop, thinking I’d have to spend thousands, so I actually saved about $1900!

Lin (Sadly, I do name my computers and assign them a gender), named after her operating system, is matt black, although the EeePC comes in red, green, white and even pink — less memory = more beauty.

Battery lasts three hours, there is voice command, webcam and comes preloaded with Skype,Google Docs, Wikipedia, Internet Radio and much more — all open source.

So tiny, so light, so easy…

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