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Five Seventeen — Book Designer and Compositor Extroidinaire

A book is a collaboration between the writer, the editor and the publisher. Too often, in my opinion, we forget to mention the designer, which is why I want to send a big shout out to Five Seventeen. We’ve never met, but that doesn’t matter. He is responsible for the stunning cover and design of The Perfect Cut — now in bookstores all over.

I don’t know what his process is — artists are a mystery to me — I can barely draw a stick person — but Five Seventeen (visit his website for an explanation of his name), somehow managed to capture the tone and sense of Bryan’s story and create a unique and vivid portrait of my main character, that oddly looked exactly as he did in my imagination.

This is huge. I mean, imagine if he’d got it all wrong! I have to live with this cover for unforeseeable years down the road — and I will — with pride and a sense of relief.

So often, the illustrator/cover designer is not acknowledged the way he/she should be, but I want to change all that by saying “thank-you,” and by encouraging anyone who needs some creative talent to visit Five Seventeen’s website.

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