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Cuts to BC Teacher Librarians Shocking

BC teacher-librarians stunned by proposed cuts

Teacher-librarians across the province are stunned by proposed cuts to
teacher-librarian staffing in recent budget recommendations by Vancouver and
Coquitlam, said Heather Daly, president of the BC Teacher-Librarians’

“Once upon a time, the provincial government said they wanted BC to be the
most literate jurisdiction in North America,
” said Daly. “But now,
government underfunding is forcing school districts to lay off the very
people that help children learn to read.

“Teacher-librarians don’t just teach students to read, we teach them to love
reading. Teacher-librarians teach research skills and Internet literacy.
Without teacher-librarians, schools and students will lose a valuable
resource that will only negatively impact their learning.”

In Vancouver, the board of education has proposed:

– Reduction of 43.0 FTE teachers including resource teachers (ESL and
Special Education), learning assistance/skills development teachers,
secondary school counsellors, and teacher-librarians.
– This proposed reduction of learning specialist teachers including
teacher-librarians, with a budget impact of $2,911,530, is the largest,
single proposed cut within the budget recommendations.
– Elimination of the 1.0 FTE teacher-librarian consultant position with
the subsequent addition of a 0.4 FTE teacher-librarian mentor.
– Elimination of 0.4 additional teacher-librarian time at Britannia
Elementary, with 0.2 eliminated in 2010–11 and the remaining 0.2 eliminated
in 2011–12.

In Coquitlam, the board of education has proposed:

– Reduction of 9.0 FTE non-enrolling teachers including
– This proposed reduction, with a budget impact of $810,000, is the
largest, single proposed cut within the budget recommendations.

“The BC Teacher-Librarians’ Association is calling on all boards of
education to preserve school library services for students and reject
recommendations that will hurt literacy in BC,” said Daly. “Schools need a
library that is open all day and staffed with a teacher-librarian to ensure
students have the best access to books and research possible.”

For more information, go to the BC Teacher-Librarians’ Association website
at http://www.bctf.ca/BCTLA or contact Heather Daly at 604-937-6380.

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BC BookWorld: Tell Premier Campbell to Listen to His Government’s Report

With public money, Premier Gordon Campbell has created his own
$40,000 national literary prize, B.C.’s National Award for Canadian
Non-Fiction, which he annually presents in person at a lavish
ceremony at the Pan Pacific—all financed by B.C. taxpayers. The
prize money for this award was recently raised to $40,000—from
$25,000—matching the Ontario-based Griffin Poetry Prize and
Scotiabank Giller Prize. Campbell’s own national literary award
receives far more public funding per year than /B.C. BookWorld/

which serves 100,000 readers per issue, via 900 outlets in the
province, and has been identified in a B.C. government report at
“the most important cog in the infrastructure” that supports writing
and publishing in the province.

It is the most-read independent
publication about books in Canada, even thought it is targeted to
B.C.’s 13% of the population. Now all of /B.C./ /BookWorld/’s
funding via Pacific BookWorld News Society has been suddenly
withdrawn, with three weeks’ notice. The Premier’s book award is
doing fine.

*If you feel inclined to express your opinion as to why /B.C. BookWorld/ deserves to exist, please send a few paragraphs in an email to bookworld@telus.net.

Or you can take a supporter/subscription by sending a cheque for $25 made out to Pacific BookWorld News Society, 3516 West 13th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6R 2S3. PayPal option at www.bcbookworld.com

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