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The Wind in East Iceland

I have never heard or felt wind this strong. It’s got to be gale force and I’m guessing at least 70 Kilometers per hour — far worse than on Cape Spear in NFLD. It actually sounds as if my huge house might blow down — should be a great night for sleeping.

I got a ride into Egilsstaoir today — a very small town without a town centre to speak of — where I bought two books by two well-known Icelandic writers: World Light by Halldor Laxness and Silence of the Graves, by Arnaldur Indridtason (actually, it is more like a union of d and t, but EePC can’t do this).

The latter title should provide for some real nightmares, but they were the only two books in English in what I think was a dollar store.

$1 Canuck =182 ISK, so I’ve been spending thousands — it is a visitor’s dream so what are you waiting for?

There are just over 300,000 people here and I think only about 3000 live in this valley and the surrounding area. It does boast a large mountain ash forest, which is quite a site, even at this time of year — the trees are very small — probably because of the wind, but a painter would go crazy.

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