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Grant Application Result: Unsuccesful — Thanks Mr. Harper

Well, the Tories claim that their recent funding cuts to the artistic community in Canada will have little impact on Canadian artists. Not true. I did not get my travel grant to attend a six week residency in Iceland (probably one of the most expensive places in the world to fly to), even though I would be fulfilling the obligation to promote Canadian Arts internationally.

Oh well. I guess I’ll find the money from the meager income that I make — and be thankful that, at least, I no longer have to work for minimum wage to support my writing “hobby.”

See the Grant Application Details:

Discipline Writing and Publishing
Genre Children’s (Text)
Specialization Writer
Medium Book

Purpose To attend a six-week residency at Skriduklaustur, Iceland from November 14 to December 10, 2008.

Amount Requested $2,500.00

Travel Details
Event Writer in Residence
Destination Skriduklaustur (Iceland)
Date(s) of travel November 14/08-December 10/08

Grant Application Result
Decision Unsuccessful

The assessment committee for the program, has recently completed its deliberations. We regret to inform you that your application was not successful. Committee members were asked to review and evaluate each application and to make grant recommendations based on the assessment criteria published in the program application guidelines. Because of the limited funds available, the assessment committee’s decisions had to be made in an extremely competitive context. All committee decisions are final.

So, I close my eyes and wish for:

    A philanthropist
    A lottery win
    A lucrative option on a book
    A new government
    A miracle

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