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Teen Suicide Awarness and Prevention

One of the reasons that I haven’t been posting much lately is that I am working with an amazing local Vancouver women named Jude Platzer. Nine years ago, her beautiful son died by suicide, leaving behind a devastated mom, dad and little sister.

Somehow, Josh’s mom clawed through her grief and created the Josh Platzer Society for Teen Suicide Prevention and Awareness. And somehow, Jude found me and so we are working together to make sure that kids, parents, teachers and everyone around teens has the tools to prevent another family going through the unbearable pain of losing a child this way.

So, if you want Jude to speak at your school about this, contact me and I’ll set it up. Also, look for our poster campaign, Silence Kills, in the buses around the Lower Mainland, Victoria and other towns in British Columbia.

And if you have an extra $5, visit GiveMeaning.com and send it our way — I promise, it will be the best money you ever spent.
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