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The International Writer’s Residence at Val David

I flew into Montreal on Wednesday. May 26th, my birthday. I ate an fab gallette on Rue St. Catherine before catching the bus to Val David (about an hour out of the city and in the heart of the Laurentians. It has taken me a few days to get my bearings and I’m still not settled into any sort of a writing regime, but that’s okay – I’m exploring, speaking French whenever I can and gleaning information from Flavia, the lovely Toronto/Romanian host of the Residence, and an accomplished poet in her own right. There is a large Romanian population here and a pretty piece of property on the Riviere Nord with a little house where Montreal/Romanians picnic on the weekends.

Val David in the woods

My bright, pretty room

Writing Table

Residence at Val David

The actual village of Val David is a ten minute walk and does not disappoint — cafes, shops, antique stores and many artisans and creative types — as yet unexplored — today I bought a loaf of wonderful, fresh bread and a CD by Daniel Belanger because he sings slowly and I can understand him.

There is a very Euro flavour here and most people speak only a few words of English, (I'm happy about that) and they understand me (I am even happier about that). This is a huge biking/kayaking,canoing centre and I wish I had someone to play outside with. Outside my windows, the Ravens scold and play reminding me of Dawson City. It is a good memory.

As the days go by and I fall into a routine, I will continue to report on this experience, but so far I recommend that those of you looking for a really peaceful place to write might want to consider and application. The beds are really comfy and even though it seems the house is in the middle of the woods, that is not the case at all.

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La Residence (VAL-DAVID) -heading to Quebec next week!


Festival de poésie des mots du monde organisé par la Résidence internationale des écrivains et artistes de Val-David

le samedi 22 mai de 15 h 00 a 19 h 00 a la Résidence

1045, rue du Renard et du Corbeau


Lectures et rencontres avec des poètes de Roumanie, d’Italie, de Toronto, de Montreal et des Laurentides

Un après-midi poétique multilingue.

Cristina Montescu, Nancy R. Lange, Blossom Thom, Michael Mirolla, Flavia Cosma, Mel Sarnese, Benedetta I. Pignataro, Adrian Erbiceanu, Yvon Boutin, Ionut Caragea, Miruna Tarcau, Gilles Matte

Art display: Benedetta I. Pignataro

Avec la participation de la Ligue des poètes canadiens et la collaboration de l’Association des auteurs des Laurentides

Entrée libre

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