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Mahalo.com – Call to Writers From Suite

Our Associate Editor at suite101.com posted this the other day, and I am reposting here. I hate it when stuff like this happens to my fellow writers, but one door closes…

Lima writes:

We’ve been close on the heels of news about Mahalo.com CEO’s decision to terminate over 4000 freelance writers. It’s been a shock to many of our own writers who also contributed to Mahalo. This blog post is my small commentary on this news and an open invitation to former Mahalo contributors to apply for a position at Suite101. If you know someone who has been affected by this change then please offer them some support and feel free to invite them to check us out! You can also give them my email address (associate.editor@suite101.com)

in case they have any specific questions they need answered. Let’s support freelance writers and give them a safe place to write.

All the best,
Lima Al-Azzeh, Associate Editor

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